Here now, Old Ben's Workshop will offer the same great quality products for your caged and pet birds. Select from Finch Mix, Cockatiel Mix, Parakeet Mix, Large Hookbill, raw peanuts and Bird Grit. Small Animal Foods for bunnies, rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, white mice & rats. Links under "products".

NEW from Old Ben's Workshop is the WREN Nesting Box. The Wren

is a small short-winged songbird. 

NEW: Wren Nesting Box

Old Ben's New Premium Finch blend attracts all Finches like a magnet! The blend contains the TWO favorite seeds: a blend of fine Sunflower chips and Abyssinica Nyger seed. 

Birds you may attract with Old Ben's Premium Finch Blend are: Goldfinches, House Finches, Purple Finches, Song Sparrows, Bushtits and many other small songbirds.

Feed the Premium blend as you always feed Nyger Seed. Add the desired amount in a mesh sock feeder, tube feeder or platform feeder. 

Keep your feeders clean and full. Keep clean fresh water available too.

Old Ben's Premium Blend is available now is two convenient sizes: a five pound and a twenty pound package. 

Go to the "Wild Bird Seed" page 2 to order now.

Many seed choices on Wild Bird Seed pages 1 and 2....

Benjamin Zlotnick

  • . San Diego Native
  • . College major in Ornamental Horticulture
  • . 42 years experience in retail management and banking
  • . Member of National Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Audubon Society,World Wildlife Fund, and Environmental Defense Fund.
  • . Interest includes wild birds, landscaping/gardening, and woodworking.
  • .2012 Partnerships with Industry Business Partner of the Year.

Benjamin is available for consulting on related projects and speaking engagements. 
(858) 987-0123 or (858) 735-5872

       Old Ben's Premium Finch Blend

​​Wire Mesh Nyger Seed Feeder Available in two sizes: Jumbo & standard. 

See  "All Seed Feeders" Page to Order 

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Blue Birds

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Ben's backyard, a proper environment for wild birds

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Comments from happy customer:
Prior to the Corona Virus I always bought a Free and Clean bird seed as well as Finch Food at a local chain store. I always attracted a number of small birds as well as a few Cardinals and Woodpeckers but never any Gold Finches even though one of the feeders was just for them. I ran out of the Free and Clean food a few months ago and, as I was now sheltering at home, I searched the internet for a replacement. I found your site and bought your No Mess blend. Voila' .... I now have the most beautiful Gold Finches, some all yellow and some blended, but they are gorgeous. They love your blend. Sometimes I have as many as 6 on the feeder at one time. And, they usually pass up the other feeder with Finch Food designed just for them. I'm getting more birds, other than finches, as well. So, I thank you, Ben, and so do all the beautiful birds that now frequent my back yard.  from verified customer purchase

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O​ld Ben's Workshop wild bird feeders are individually handcrafted of fine cedar woods. No two feeders are exactly alike. Old Ben's Workshop offers a fine selection of wild & caged bird accessories, seed and food products:

  • Wide selection of FRESH seed

  • Nesting boxes and Owl boxes too

  • Hummingbird food & accessories

  • colorful Finch socks

  • Hand made seed & jelly feeders

  • Bird treats, accessories & more...    

  • Indoor bird seed 

  • Wild bird seed

Handcrafted Products made in the U.S.A.


Wild Bird Seed, Feeders & Accessories

​Constructed of Western Cedar, this nest box has an opening back for easy cleaning. The nest opening is small to prevent non-Wren species from entering.

The ideal positioning is from 6 feet to 10 feet above the ground. The box is designed to hang or sit in a secured spot in a tree.​ Order your Wren Nest Box from our "nesting box" page.

(to purchase, "page 2 " of wild bird seed" Finch Blend)

Old Ben's Workshop has the answer to the flimsy nest box that doves' normally build. This sturdy nesting box is built of ceder woods with an exterior quality plywood back for years of successful nesting. The nesting box is approximately 15.5" wide x 6" deep x 11.5" high.

The box will also accommodate nesting for any wild bird that builds an open nest.

The nest can be secured to a wall/fence, sit on a surface or hanging. To order yours, see our nesting box page.