Ant Guard $7.49

Kapok & Holder $14.95

​​Hummingbird Nest Building Kit

Everything needed except the spider web. Invite Hummingbirds into your yard with this kit. The kit includes Moss, Forest Bark, Lichen and 100% natural Kapok and golden silk fibers. The Hummingbirds will supply the web materials. Many other birds find the nesting materials irresistible too. Kit includes hanger and hook.

Golden Kapok Refill for Holder Cage

Refill your Kapok cage with 100% natural Kapok. Keep the cage full. Keep your birds coming back time after time.

Golden Kapok Nesting Material with Holder

Hummingbirds love this 100% natural golden Kapok silk fibers used to line their nest. Hang this Kapok in yard to the delight of Hummingbirds. Many other birds will also be attracted to the fibers. Kapok and holder come complete ready to hang.

Kapok refill materials are available too.

Hummingbird & Oriole Support Products.Feeder cleaning  kit, nesting materials & kits, ant guards, feeder tubes  and more... all you need to care for the birds

Multipurpose Hanging Bowl $18.99

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Install Ant Shield between the Hummingbird feeder, Oriole feeder or jelly feeder. Fill the cup with water, pecky ants won't cross the water moat. Approx. size:3" dia, x 13/4" deep. Shield comes with hooks for installing cup.  

Hummingbird & Oriole Support Products


Red high impact plastic ant guard to keep those pecky ants away from your Hummingbird and Oriole feeders. Fill the cup with water and the ants won't cross the moat. Ant guard is 1.75" diameter x 2" deep.

Kapok Refill $5.95

Nylon Brush Set $16.95


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Wild Bird Seed, Feeders & Accessories


The four piece brush set is perfect for cleaning Hummingbird and Oriole feeders, bottles, jars and other items. Small brushes are ideal for cleaning tiny openings in feeders. Keep a separate set in the kitchen to clean into those hard to reach places. Brushes are made of DuPont Nylon and long, flexible steel shafts will last many years. Brush sizes are ; 1/8",3/8",3/4" and 1.5". 

HummingbirdNest Building kit $19.95


High impact plastic multipurpose bowl is ideal as a ant guard, just fill with water to keep those pecky ants from bird foods or fill the bowl with seeds, worms, fruit, nuts or any bird attraction. Bowl comes complete with hooks, ready to hang above your feeder. Bowl is 6" diameter x 1.5" deep.