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Wild Bird Seed, Feeders & Accessories

Old Ben's Feeder Tree

Multi-use feeder has room for seeds, dried mealworms, water, jelly, fruit, millet, greens, cuttlebone and much more of your birds favorites. Great for wild birds as well as pet, caged birds. Hang in your yard or sit flat. Stainless steel clips won't rust. Hand made in the USA for $34.95. Feeder only- excludes food items.

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​Platform Feeder $49.95

Photo taken by Vince  in Montana

Hand painted designs vary from feeder to feeder. Feeders are hand rubbed using a combination of a natural oil and waxes.

​WILD BIRD Seed Feeders

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​Perfect for Most Seeds

​Suet/Nesting Material Holder $39.95

Old Ben's Multi-Purpose Suet or Nesting Material Holder


Old Ben's Workshop offers four models of unique seed feeders & nyger socks. Wild birds love Old Ben's assortment of foods and treats found on "Bird Food & Treats" page. The Golden Millet are premium grade sprays hand selected by Old Ben. A wild selection of fresh wild bird seeds as well as a variety of caged bird seed too. Select from the menu to find these outstanding seeds & food products.

Painted Fancy Bird House Feeder

Another example of a hand painted feeder. There are dozens of designs. Talk to Old Ben if you have a special request.


Constructed in the USA of Western Ceder and left in its natural finish. This easy to care for feeder has a stainless steel screen base that allows water to drain. Keeps seed dry and helps to eliminate spoilage. Can be placed anywhere or use the included wire hanger. Feeder is approx. 11.5" H x 7.5" W x 12" Deep.

This NEW item, Old Ben's locally made dual purpose suet or nesting material holder, serves as a double suet holder and feeder, or the holder makes a great nesting materials station for hummingbirds and other wild bird nesting materials. The holder is made of cedar wood construction and is approx. 12.6" tall, 7" wide and 4" deep. The holder is sturdy and easy to both fill and clean. All your wild birds will love this new addition to your yard. Sides of holder are locally individually hand decorated. 

Tree Feeder $39.95

Each feeder is individually hand painted by an artist in San Diego. No two will be exactly alike. There will be similar aspects but colors, designs will change from feeder to feeder. Photos are examples only.

​Bird House Feeder $45.95


Constructed of cedar and stainless steel mesh, the platform feeder offers so many foods to wild birds: seeds, suet, fruit, nuts and dried insects. Hang the feeder from a tree limb, shepherds hook or wall bracket and watch birds flock to this feeder. Cedar will naturally age and the stainless steel mesh floor won't rust ensuring years of enjoyment. Easy to clean. Water flows through wire mesh,seeds don't.Hand Made in San Diego by Old Ben's Work Shop. Designs and decorations are hand painted and will vary. Size: 12"x12"x2"

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Hand Painted Bird House Platform Feeder

Each feeder is individually hand decorated and no two are alike. This is only one example. See description of Bird House Platform Feeder above, this page, same item construction but hand painted in San Diego by a local artisan. Fully functional as a feeder. MSRP $64.95