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​WILD BIRD Seed Feeders

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Old Ben's Condo Tower Seed Feeder 

Old Ben's latest wild bird feeder is hand build in San Diego, Ca. This Condo Tower Feeder will accommodate any of Old Ben's Nyger seed or his blend of Nyger and fine chopped Sunflower seeds. Small birds will feed from the stainless steel wire mesh or from the open bottom tray. Condo Tower is 16"H x 9.5"D x 5.5"W.  Feeders are hand rubbed with a natural oil and waxes. Feeder finish varies 

with the wood. MSRP $49.95

Jumbo Sized Nyger Feeder

Easy to fill top

OF MORE THAN $100.00.  

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​Old Ben's large Multi-Purpose Seed Feeder combines the best of seeds, the Nyger Seed feeder on one side and a general seed feeder on the other side. Now you can feed the small Finches and regular seed eaters from one feeder. The Nyger side features stainless steel mesh that will last for years. The other side takes your favorite Old Ben's blend or single type seeds. Easy to fill from the top. Model #1942 is 14" tall x 7" wide x 14" deep and is constructed of Ceder woods. Each feeder is made in San Diego and hand decorated by a local artisan. Note: feeder decoration will vary with each feeder. No two will be exactly alike. Shown is an example.

Top opens for easy fill

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currently available sock colors

Top opens for easy filling of small seeds such as nyger or fine chopped sunflower seed

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Old Ben's Workshop offers four models of unique seed feeders & nyger socks. Wild birds love Old Ben's assortment of foods and treats found on "Bird Food & Treats" page. The Golden Millet are premium grade sprays hand selected by Old Ben. A wild selection of fresh wild bird seeds as well as a variety of caged bird seed too. Select from the menu to find these outstanding seeds & food products.

Wire Mesh Nyger Seed Feeder

​Large Multi-Purpose Seed Feeder

Jumbo Sized Nyger Seed Feeder

Nyger Seed Socks:

Nyger seed feeder side

Each feeder is hand decorated, made is San Diego

Multi-Purpose Feeder


Example of decoration.

Jumbo Sock/Color

Seed Feeder for Small Birds "Condo Feeder"

Tall Sized

Nyger Feeder



 seed or seed blend this side

Feeders are individually hand decorated and rubbed using a natural oil and waxes.

Wild Bird Seed, Feeders & Accessories

Feeder for Small Birds


Old Ben's Nyger seed socks are made in the U.S.A. and are washable. Made of an open weave fabric with PARACORD CLOSURE draw string top.Socks are available in eight colors. Sold individually.Socks are hand made in San Diego, Ca.

Nyger seed side

Large Multi-Purpose Seed Feeder


Finches love this Nyger seed feeder and you will too. Holds several pounds of Nyger seed, fills from the top. Constructed of cedar woods and stainless steel wire mesh this feeder is maintenance free. Easy to hang. Holds approximately 3 lbs. of seed. Feeder is approx. Size: 8"Wx12"Hx3"D Standard Size

Also available: Tall Sized Nyger Feeder is

8"W x 21"H x 3"D and holds approx. 5.5 lbs of seed. Tall and standard sizes shown. 

​Standard Sized Nyger Seed Feeder

Mesh Nyger Feeder

​Std. Size $49.95

Handcrafted Products made in the U.S.A.