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Wild Bird Seed, Feeders & Accessories

Guinea Pig Pellets

Old Ben's Tropical Guinea Pig Gourmet Mix contains the following: rolled oats, rolled corn, whole corn, rolled barley, grey sunflower, carrots, peanuts, oat groats, safflower, papaya, squash pumpkin seed, white beans, lima beans, fruity kibbles. 

Available in a convenient 3 lb. bag $9.99 

Food & treats for rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and white mice and rats

Old Ben's Tropical Guinea Pig Gourmet

Old Ben's Tropical Buffet for white rat & mouse cuisine contains: rolled oats, rolled barley, rolled corn, black sunflower, carrots, peanuts, oat grouts, safflower, milo, split green peas, papaya, white beans, pink beans, kibbles. Sold in a 3 lb. bag $9.99.

Tropical Hamster Holiday

Old Ben's Tropical Hamster Holiday mix contains: rolled barley & corn, whole corn, rolled oats, black sunflower seed, carrots, shelled peanuts, oat grouts, safflower , Canadian peas, Maple peas, Kidney beans, pink beans, split green peas, papaya, white beans, lima beans, squash pumpkin see, kibbles. Available in a 3 lb. bag $9.99

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​Old Ben's Rabbit Pellets Buffet

Old Ben's Tropical Bunny Banquet

Sold in a 2 lb. bag $12.99

Old Ben's Guinea Pig Gourmet Pellets

​Old Ben's Tropical Buffet

White Rat & Mouse Cuisine

Old Ben's Tropical Hamster Holiday

Old Ben's Tropical Bunny Mix contains the following: rolled corn, rolled barley, grey striped sunflower seed, carrots, whole corn, shelled peanuts, oat grouts, safflower, dehydrated banana, squash pumpkin seed, papaya, kibbles. 

Sold in a 3 lb. bag $9.99.

Old Ben's Gourmet Guinea Pig Pellets contain the following ingredients: alfalfa meal, wheat middling, dehulled soybean meal, ground corn, cane molasses, distiller grains, vegetable oil, salt, manganous, zinc, niacin, vitamin E, copper sulfate, pantothenate, biotin, riboflavin, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin A & D, ascorbic acid. Sold in a 5 lb. bag $9.99

Small Animal Food & Treats

Rabbit Pellet Buffet

Tropical Bunny Banquet

Timothy Hay is grown in America, not imported.

All natural, contains no pesticides,no artificial colors or preservatives. Hand selected and harvested for the best available quality.Long strand fiber provides dietary fiber needed for proper digestion and supports good dental hygiene, vitamins and minerals. 

Tropical White Rat & Mouse Cuisine

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Tropical Guinea Pig Gourmet

 "Timothy Hay" for small animals

Old Ben's Rabbit Pellets contain the following: Alfalfa meal, ground barley & corn, ground sorghum, wheat mill run, ground oats, cotton seed meal, cane molasses, soybean meal, limestone flour, salt, zinc, manganese, vitamin A, copper and other minor minerals or additives. Available in a 5 lb. bag $8.99